I am a police officer.2 days ago a person went missing  all of his stuff was gone expect his diary.When we found the diary  we opened it here is what the diary said"Today is a normal day i am happy it is happy i will bring it freinds it wants meat it wants meat"That was the only words written in the diary not much is known about the missing person expect his name is jose.Update: we found a body near jose house.The body was burned and cut we also found a bone in the basment  of the house.Update we found jose body hes body was also burned and cut but on his chest  the words Freind was cut into his chest the werid thing was when we checked both bodys they had no blood.Update we found hair on the bodys not the victims hair but dog hair alot of dog hair.Update we have found nothing else if you see a body that is burned and cut call 911. 

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