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Has anyone seen may cat named Dolly? (self.Lubbock) submitted an 37 days ago by Lucy Marks f

  Hi,I was wondering if anyone has seen my cat named Dolly. We do not live downtown but when going to see an outdorr musical we lost our dog.Please return her to Frankford Ave. 67th 7527. Thanks!

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Kathleneith The Great 2 points 23 minutes ago
I did see your cat and sorry for resurrected this thread but I saw him he looked hungry I will se if I can find him.

Gandalf The Great 4 points 14 minutes ago said you lost your cat but then you said you lost your dog...what? You sound fishy...

Slushy3327 -3 points 12 minutes ago Oh yeah I saw your cat! Right now it is a proxy of satan.

  Lucy Marks 6 points 10 minutes ago
  What the helll! Fuck you! You stinky motherfucker!
   Gandalf The Great 4 points 10 minutes ago
   Obvious Troll is obvious...
   Slushy3327 -7 points 8 minutes ago
   Yeah, I had fun killing your cat. Dissecting it's brain and plopping it onto
   the altar while peeling off bloody hair strains and taking the dung and 
   using it as fuel to empower our everlasting fire. Heil satan
  Gandalf The Great 9 points 6 minutes ago
  Come on my 6 year old cousin can troll harder than you! 
  Lucy Marks 456 points 2 minutes ago 
  The troll is not trolling she is right my cat is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!

The dead cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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