''Again, we thank you so much for volunteering to babysit our son.'' The Mother aforementioned, the milk moon hung in the sky like an Angel as the Father packed the bags into his coal black Audi 80, ''we didn't think that we would get the chance to go on this holiday.'' She recapitulated.

As the car sped down the road, Agata looked behind her to see the boy, his glaucous eyes fixated on her as he turned his head to see the marks of the Audi on the road. Fawn hair, dancing softly in the algid wind, gripping his hazel teddy bear in his weak arms. 

Agata gave him an affable smile and she led him inside of the aqua house. As he slowly walked up the stairs yawning, Agata sat down on the crimson sofa and turned on the TV, a documentary on the ''Sand cat'' burst the room into sound. Picking up a packet of ready salted crisps and relaxed whilst listening to the documentary.

''The sand cat, also known as the sand dune cat, is the only cat living foremost in true deserts.''

There was a slight creak of bare feet on stairs, Agata turned to see what the noise was. But saw nothing. 

''This small cat is widely distributed in the deserts of North Africa and Southwest and Central Asia.''

Another creak. 

''The sand cat is a member of the ''genus Felis'', that consists of small cats, and the ''family Felidae''.


''The French soldier and naturalist Victor Loche first described the sand cat from a specimen found in the area of "Négonça" in the Sahara,''

''H- hello?'' The sound of the boy's voice bounced on the pale walls.

Agata slowly turned around, her face was inanimate and cold, the boy took one step back.

''C- can I have some water? I- I'm a bit thirsty...'' His voice wavered as she tightly clenched his toy and stared at the pearly carpet.

''And proposed to name the cat in recognition of French General Jean Auguste Margueritte, who headed the expedition.''

Agata gave a faint nod as she left the room, as she passed the boy a wave of cold air whipped his back, sending a cascade of shivers down his vertebral column.

He sat down on the sofa, feeling the clement fabric push on his brumal skin from where Agata sat. 

''In 1926, Russian scientist Segej Ognew described a sand cat collected from the Karakum Desert (Turkmenistan) as Eremaelurus thinobius.''

When Agata returned, she had a glass of water in her left hand, she sat next to him and gave him the glass. When he looked at the glass, he noticed that there was something a bit... viridescent in the water. Something dancing gracefully around the corners of the glass. 

But when he gazed back at Agata, he saw that she had gone back to watching to documentary. 

He lifted up the glass,

''British zoologist Reginald Innes Pocock renamed this as Felis thinobia, and zoologists such as Theodor Haltennorth considered it to be an independent species.''

pressing the glass to his soft lips.

''Later revisions of felid taxonomy recognised this as a subspecies of the sand cat.''

The boreal liquid swam into his mouth.

''The sand cat is a small cat characterised by a flat, wide head, short legs and a relatively long (23 to 31 cm (9.1 to 12.2 in)) tail.''

The putrid taste of washing up liquid poisoned his tongue. Spitting out the vile drink, he slammed the cup onto the table, making a small crack spread from the bottom of the cup to the middle, letting some of the aqueous material seep onto the coffee table.

Suddenly he felt a strong sting in his nose as cardinal blood poured out onto the carpet. 

Like someone had punched him.

''It reaches 24–36 centimetres (9.4–14.2 in) at the shoulder and weighs 1.5–3.4 kilograms (3.3–7.5 lb).''

The loud smash of a glass cup shook the room as he fell to the floor unconscious.

He woke up, the sound of silence pierced his ears like jagged knives to bleeding skin. The damp, cold ground, brushed against his bare feet. Dry blood was stuck to his nose, as he looked around. He was in his basement. The sound of the documentary, was still detectable. 

''The head-and-body length ranges from 39 to 52 cm (15 to 20 in). The ears, 5–7 centimetres (2.0–2.8 in) long, are tawny at the base and tipped with black, and more pointed than those of Pallas's cat.''

Attempting to move his arms, he found them to be firmly tied to a wooden chair. 

There was a thump of boots on brick steps.

''The pinnae of the ears are triangular, and the ear canal is very wide, giving the cat an enhanced sense of hearing.''


''The auditory and the passages from the external ears to the ear drums are greatly enlarged relative to other small felids; the inner parts of the ears are protected from foreign objects by long, closely spaced white hairs.''


''The large, greenish yellow eyes are ringed with white, and the nose is blackish.''

''Look up at me, you impudent child'' a fierce voice snapped, ''you heard me, look up.''

Looking up, he saw Agata, eyes brewing with boiling rage, a Taser in one hand. The other hand, steadfastly clenched into a fist.

''Your parents are nice people.'' She said, staring coldly into the boys petrified eyes.

His eyes start to form tears and we weeps, ''I- I want my Mummy!'' he wailed, tears spilling uncontrollably from his stinging eyes.  

''QUIET!'' She roared.

''The head is sandy brown, whereas the lower and upper lips, chin, throat and belly are white (the throat may have a hint of buff).''

''Pl- please don't h- hurt me...'' He pleaded.

''That's the thing,'' Agata started, ''you always need your parents, but they don't need you.'' She continued.

''N- no... My Mummy said she loved me...'' He protested, trying to struggle out of the tight ropes that were scratching his skin.

''LIAR!'' She bellowed, this made him cry harder, ''this is the only way you'll learn...'' She muttered under her breath.

Going behind him, she took the Taser and held it to his skin. The sudden coldness of the metal made him suddenly squirm away.

''Stay still!'' She ordered, ''this is why I hate children.'' 

''The lower part of the face is whitish, and a faint reddish line runs from the outer corner of each eye across the cheeks.''

He shrieked out in pain as the Taser let out a painful spark, he tried to get himself free by jumping and waving his legs around frantically. 

''Why are you doing this to me?!'' He yelled, ''I will be good I promise! I will never do anything bad ever again!''  


Another spark burned his back, his screaming and crying filled the room as Agata slowly got up and grabbed her 5 shot rifle from the bag she had brought. 

''There is only one way to make your parents happy,'' she explained, putting the gun to his head ''only one way.'' 

''The whiskers are white and up to 8 centimetres (3.1 in) long.''

Putting her hand on the trigger, she looked him adamantly in the eyes.

''I hate you.''

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