thiz storee iz tru do not cal fake becase it iz az rel u an me.

so onze i wus sleping butt den i heerd somthin in me clozett so i opeened it an a skelton cam out an sed runn he comin i wunderd hoo wus comin butt den a fet gost cam an sayed BOOOOO den i peeed me pantz so an da ghost getted madd butt i getted a vacum an suked him in.

I wus bord at mi howss butt sudenlee a zombi i wus geting ataked i slised his hed off an their wus hyper reelistic blood i wus reely mad becase it staned mi karpet an wallz an even wors their wus alzo hyper reelistic guts an insides.

the fat ghost comed owt agen an i eated da lazt donut so he getted real madder an tried possesseeng me butt i suked him in da vacum agen.

an den budda slapped fer eating da last donut.

the end

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