You may think I'm a lunatic an crazy man who should be locked up in an asylum for life but I researchEr the group known as furious they evil and need to be stopped here's my research

Introduction Edit

Furries are anthropomorphic animal want to come together to create fun but in reality they part of devil worshipping group where they sacrifice infeants with nerological disorders and the elderly


The fox anthros are anthros that kill an rape teenagers for fun and my research states that they kill ten peoples per day

Red Pandas

Red pepper anthro make people think good furry about


Both anthros Sergals are both Foxes and red panda


They evil kill them plea

*knock knock

Who's there

Gets stabbed and raped by fox manwoman kill about ten help me they kill everyone excluding you save your money please repoplate please it hurts orch

Goodbyes <insert name here>

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