• recently my tv keeps turning on at midnight and the channel changes to 666 it goes noise pattern texture for a while

i hear alot of screaming from the tv I once even watched tom and jerry on it and tom and Jerry where stabing each other with knives something weird is happening It Turns on and of by it,s self it only Has scary movies around 12am to 3am and you can only watch scary movies like the ring it is believed that after someone watched it they got really disturbed and committed suicide the ghost Of that person makes it more scary so I woke up at around 3:01am the tv turned on by it,s self and I saw a woman wating For the elevator and it was not full screen in the backround ther was noise pattern texture I also saw a picture of a ghost that popped up on the screen it was the ghost of the person who committed suicide then the video went full screen and the ghost started chasing the woman

Credited to Deadly 1400

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