We are the few under light of the moon,
Walking pale in the night to our dissonant tune.
Be us one, be us many, our pace shall not yield,
Lest the break of the dawn arrive soon.

We are who walk without reason or rhyme,
Without purpose or fear, to the temple bell's chime.
We are children of night, and forever shall be,
As we've been since the dawn of our time;

We are who thrive on your fear and regret.
Paranoia and loss and anxiety whet
Appetitious thoughts of what's promised to come
At the moment your precious sun's set.

We are the many and we are the one.
We are darkness incarnate, what day-walkers shun.
We are brokers of fright, but don't misunderstand;
What we do, we do only for fun.

We are not evil and we are not good.
We do only as night has commanded we should.
We are children of night, denizens of the dark,
Acting only as denizens would.

We've none the fears that bind day-walkers so,
For a pale walker's kin are your objects of woe.
A befriender of slender, caretaker to Rake...
For if one's a pale walker, all know.

We have no doubt whether one is our own.
There was never such thing as a pale one unknown.
And yet, brazen and foolish, day-walkers charade,
Unaware of the seeds that they've sown...

We laugh at those who sleep still through the night,
And we laugh at those fearful, denying their fright.
All those foolhardy souls taking light of our world
Find themselves in a miserable plight.

There are none born pale walkers as we,
But there's no great reward without greater a fee.
We are children of night, and if such is your rite,
You yourself may a pale one be.

We are the shadows that haunt people's dreams,
And the feeling that tells you all's not as it seems.
We are one, we are all, and despite what is said,
We're the chosen few fate... redeems.

We are the primal; the soulful, in part,
And no walker of day shares our glorious art.
Let them bask in their light, in their warmth... for you see,
It is we, the more human at heart.

Written by Xelrog T. Apocalypse
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