SCP-248 in its former jar before Incident 248-A

Item # : SCP-248-GOM "Teeth of Unbearable Pain"

Class : Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, jars containing SCP-248 must be all contained in Site-38, All in metal storage, Only personnel with Security 3 Clearance and D-Classes may open the jar, When used for testing, SCP-248 and activities must be monitored by CCTV Cameras

Any subjects affected by SCP-248 must be monitored everyday for detecting any more anomalies that may happen.

Description: Object is currently contained in a jar, and is a collection of twenty-one (21) teeth, resembling the premolars, the teeth is 1.9 long and 1.3 large in diameter.

When the jar containing SCP-248 Was opened, an instance of SCP-248, often one to three, will rise gently to the air, and after it goes out of the jar, the tooth will point at any closest human's tooth.

If left for 20 seconds uninterrupted, SCP-248 will then speeds itself and stops at the subject's mouth, and slowly places itself into an place in the mouth that have no tooth, However, if all teeth already dominated the mouth, SCP-248 will "pull" any Premolar and pull them violently out of the mouth, causing harm.

Subjects who have SCP-248 in their mouth will be dubbed SCP-248-1, SCP-248-1 Subject will report no effect during 3 hours of being effected, after times of exposure, SCP-248-1 will begins to feel the pain where SCP-248 was, five (5) hours later, SCP-248-1 will begin to feel more pain, and now bleed where SCP-248 was.

If SCP-248-1 still survives, SCP-248-1 will now begins to feel extreme unbearable pain, and SCP-248 will shakes itself violently, the subject will be unable to consume any type of food or drink, and will remain for roughly twenty-four (24) hours until the subject expires, after that, SCP-248 will comes out of SCP-248-1, with razor sharp side-branches, if no more victims are present, it will moves itself into their original containment

Addendum - Incident 248-A : In 2/██/19██, instances of SCP-248 began to shake, and tried to broke out of their containment jar, later, instances of SCP-248 broke out of the jar and began trying to affect 1█ personnel and researchers, and caused 3 deaths, until 2 researchers, D████████r and B██████t successfully caught all instances of SCP-248 and send them back into another jar, and contained them in Site-38 metal Storages, item reclassified to Euclid.

Written by Godofmemez
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