so mario walk up to luigi like "yo sup nigga" and luigi go "yeh man i got some gay ass spaghetti in my pasta WOOOOOO" and then mario shot luigi n the hed n mario tek his spaghjetti pasta

but lugii waoke up and he say

"imma eat yorrrr braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaainzzzzzz"

o neos!!!! nwo legoigi is a zombeh!!!!

so now mario must stop lugii forfm incfecting his friends luike peach!

but is too late! luigi bite peach n then he raped her zxombeh ass

mario walk in n say "yo peach ready to have s-AAAAAAAAAAA" n he asw zombie peach!!!

but then it was the worse!!!

the spaghetti...was...EVIL! n mario ate it n he jumpp out your closet n kill u


wirtten by jobel age 4 :)))

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