White snow, gray ice, on a bursting earth. The cover that is stretched out on it - a town in the loop of a road.

And clouds are floating above the town, covering the sky-blue color, and above the town there's a yellow smoke, the town is two thousand years old, lived through under the light of the star called Sun...

And there's a war over two thousand years, a war without special causes. A war – the work of the youth, a medicine against wrinkles.

Red, red blood after one hour there's already simply the earth, after two hours there are flowers and grass on it, after three hours she's living again and heated with the rays of the star called Sun...

And we know that it has always been like this, that we like more the destiny who's living according to other rules and who's doomed to die young.

He doesn't remember the word “yes“ and the word “no“, he doesn't remember neither the deeds, nor the names. And able to reach the stars, not reckoning that this is a dream, and falling, scorched by the star called Sun.

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