Quick note: This is a Trollpasta Refugee

My name is not important, what is important is the story i'm going to tell you, the story of how i survived THE PASTAPOCALYPSE.

Chapter 1: The Night Of the Living Pasta

It was a nice Halloween evening and i decided to throw an anime marathon with my friend,#NOHOMO.
When my friend finally arrived at my house, we decided to order some pasta from that new italian restaurant that has opened recently.When the pasta was finally delivired,we became really concerned about the looks of that pasta, it looked really creepy. The noodles were bright red,
and there was no sause, instead of it,there were hyper-realistic eyes on the top ,they looked even more real than real life,(or maybe i just watch too much anime).My friend said:"Well,they totally nailed the scary Halloween food part".I agreed.Then suddenly,someone called my friend on the phone and he went to the living room to answer it.While he was talking,the eyes on the top of the pasta turned to my direction and began staring at me.I metaphorically shit my pants,and decide to not tell my friend about the eyes,because firstly:he won't believe me,and secondly:he would die anyways.When he came back,i said that feel kinda sick and that i won't eat that pasta.He ate it all by himself and said that the eyes tasted like blood."Duh"-i think to myself and we began our marathon.After about an hour of watching anime,my friend told me that he needed to shit realy badly and rushed to the bathroom.While he was shitting his brains out,i paused the anime,whipped out my tablet, and began watching fail compilations on youtube.
After about another hour i decided to check if he is still alive there. The bathroom door was obviously locked,but luckily,almost all of the locks in my house were electronic. I opened the lock with the remote. What i have seen there left a deep scar in my memory(well it did for a week or so,and then i almost forgot about it).The corpse of my know,i'll call him Erik from this moment because i'm tired of saying "my friend" every time.The corpse of Erik
was sitting on the toilet bowl. His eyes were dissolved,his jaw was broken and twisted,his skin became pale, and his fingernails grew into the sharp claws.Then, i noticed something moving in his eyesockets and mouth,which were covered in some red substance.I walked closer to him to see what i was.It wasn't  blood or anything,hell,it wasn't even something hyper-realistic,it was tomato sauce,and there were living noodles crawling in it.I metaphorically shit myself again,ran out of the bathroom,closed the door,reached for my katana,and prepared for the most awkward situation in my life.

End of chapter 1

P.S.:nice cliffhanger,huh?        

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