Have you ever had that weird feeling like you are being watched? Of course I do. One morning I woke up to the smell of pancakes, I go to the kitchen I see my mom making pancakes, she notices I'm awake and she asks "do you want any pancakes sweetheart?" "yes please." I reply "It's buttermilk pancakes your favorite." I start eating, when I finished I put on my shoes and my backpack And went outside with my bike, Nothing really happened at school it was boring as always. When I was ridding my bike home I saw a shadow in the corner of my eye I start paddling faster, my heart got louder when the shadow got closer I paddled so fast when I was close to my house I fell on my head I blacked out when I woke up the sun was going down, I put my bike by the front door, I go to my room and sleep the next day I woke up I check what's the time "I'm late for school well nothing to do now." I say I try to find my mom but I didn't see her anywhere "she must be at work" I say out loud I even tried calling her I heard a ring from her bedroom "she can't be at work without her phone she always brings her phone to work." I say in a quiet tone then I see a shadow I tried remembering the shadow then I think about what happened yesterday it was the shadow I didn't move for a hole minute then the shadow moved it walked then ran that shadow knew I was here Before thinking what to do I ran I went outside and I went on my bike I paddled until I Didn't know what neighbor hood I was in then I saw a blue house, It was my friend's house I went closer to the house, now I live with him I won't ever forget that shadow.

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